"Gripzila might be the last phone/iPod/GPS/media-player stand you’ll need."

- Charlie Sorrell of WIRED/GADGET LAB

"The simplicity and sheer utility of it is just beautiful and it goes great with my Droid Incredible."

- Anthony H. from Alexandria, VA

"Just received my Gripzila here in New Zealand. Brilliant. I am very impressed. Much more solid and robust than I was expecting. The spring action is great."

- Cameron T. from Auckland, New Zealand

"Slide the spring-loaded, rubber-gripped jaws around your device of choice, set it on a flat surface and, boom, instant stable viewing platform."


"This is something that EVERYONE could find useful."

- Angie Frye B. from Graham, NC

"Wow! It is great. Arigatou!!!"

- Toshiya M. from Ibaraki, Japan

"Hi! Got it. Thank you. I love this thing. :)"

- Andrea A. from Malden, MA

"My Gripzila has arrived and has found its home holding up my phone on my desk at Microsoft. :-) Great product, thanks!!"

- Tareq S. from Seattle, WA

"It works AWESOME!!!! I love it."

- Dayvid G. from Sapulpa, OK

"Awesome - thanks, can't wait to use these as kickstands for photo taking!"

- Erik K. from Quebec, Canada

"Great quality! Perfect for my iPhone in a standard rubber case with clear back. I really dig the Gripzila, finding all kinds of things to use it for such as clipping papers to LCD monitors for data input as I do IT work :-)"

- Ryan H. from Alexandria, Va

"My two Gripzila's arrived today, and they are very well made -- better than my expectations! Very useful device –"

- Len S. from Ocean Pines, MD

"I received my Gripzila today, and it's exactly what I hoped for."

- Andrew H. from Istanbul, Turkey

"I just got it today!!! Thanks! It's much smaller than I thought (which is good!) and works great. I'm surprised at how strong the grip is considering the light weight."

- Neil S. from Camas, WA

"Just got my 2 Gripzilas yesterday. My girlfriend and I love them!"

- Patrick M. from Baton Rouge, LA

"Excellent product, my iPad and phone are already propped on my desk."

- Stuart R. from Busan, South Korea

"Just so you know, the Gripzila works beautifully with the Kindle 3."

- Paul F. from Saco, ME

"Just got my Gripzila today, and loving it!"

- Linwood D. from Durham, NC

"Got the Gripzillas. They are AWESOME."

- John M. from Summerville, SC