Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Gripzila work on my smartphone, iPod Touch or similar device?

A: There are lots of variables which help determine how well the Gripzila will work with your device such as thickness, size, weight, and curved edges. I've listed some things to look out for as you determine if the Gripzila is right for you.
1) The thickness of your device, including a case or bumper if you have one, must be less than 0.8 inches since that's the maximum distance the jaws extend.
2) The Gripzila was designed for smartphones and other devices such as the iPod Touch. In general, we do not recommend using the Gripzila on heavier, larger devices such as the iPad unless they are used along the back edge, not the sides, as depicted in the video.
3) Your device may rock and become unstable if it has a curved edge that is used as the base.

Q: Can I use the Gripzila and charge my phone at the same time?

A: Yes

Q: Can I use headphones while I use the Gripzila?

A: Yes

Q: Will it scratch my device?

A: The jaws of the Gripzila are covered with soft rubber grip pads to help make sure your device won’t get scratched.

Q: Can I review the Gripzila on my blog, magazine or website?

A: Sure. Send us a link to your YouTube channel, blog or website along with your mailing address and, once approved, we’d be happy to send you a Gripzila sample. Please let us know if you need any product images to include in your review.

Q: Is it possible to brand the Gripzila with a company logo and get volume discounts?

A: Gripzila is ideal for imprinting a company logo to promote that company and enhance its brand. We offer volume discount pricing along with custom packaging. To learn more email us at

Q: Can I become a distributor of the Gripzila?

A: Yes, if you are interested in selling or becoming a distributor of the Gripzila please contact us at

Q: How much is shipping and handling?

A: We’ve tried hard to minimize shipping and handling costs. We ship by First Class mail via the United States Postal Service. Shipping and handling starts at $2.50 in the US, $3.00 in Canada and Mexico, and $3.50 for shipments outside the US, Canada and Mexico.

Q: How long will it take to ship?

A: If the item you order is in stock it will be shipped within 48 hours. In general, shipping in the US will take 2 to 3 days but may slow during the busy holiday seasons. Shipping outside of the US will generally take one to two weeks.

Q: What material is the Gripzila made from and where is it made?

A: The main body and jaws of the Gripzila are made from a very tough ABS plastic. The rubber pads are made from Neoprene and the spring is made from music wire. It is manufactured in the USA.