About Us

Hi, my name is Kelvin and one of my greatest passions is new product development. I have always loved fixing things and inventing and building various gadgets. This propelled me to become an Engineer and receive an MBA from Wharton. I've been fortunate to spend most of my career in product management and new product development where I've worked at large corporations such as IBM and Dupont and have co-founded and worked at several start-ups.

After owning an iPhone for a while, I often found myself frustrated as I tried to prop up my phone for hands-free viewing. I searched the internet to see if there was already a kickstand-type solution that would work with a case or when upgrading to a new device with a different profile. I couldn’t find anything that fit the bill so I started designing and building some 3D printed prototypes. After a number of iterations and focus groups I finally came up with the Gripzila – a very simple, effective, yet sleek and portable solution. I hope you find it as fun and useful as I do.